Third Star

by Bluewhite

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released June 15, 2013

Produced by Diego Poloni and Bluewhite
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Diego Poloni
Cover artwork by Rafael Poloni
Photos by Pedro Cupertino



all rights reserved


Bluewhite Brazil

Bluewhite is a singer/songwriter who incorporates elements of pop and folk subtleties, creating love songs with sweet and tense imagery.

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Track Name: Third Star
Can`t we stop and look at each other
All we have is us
We`re walking at the right pace
There`s no place we belong

Standing at the dawn of time
I saw you for the first night
Till this day you`re all i`ve seen
Our lives begun

We`re back at start tonight
We`re standing at the dawn of time
We`re back at start tonight
We`re standing at the dawn as…

I hear your voice
Lips bound by joy

Standing at the dawn of time
We first met for the last time
By a blue white colored speech
Our death ends

We belong
Track Name: Where The Rivers Meet
Under the city lights and it`s dry hearts
Under the mask and ego trips up high
There is a love that only comes with death
Your biggest fear, your biggest treasure

Keep the light
Thrilled by fire

Once the whispering hands collide
Knots of gold deep down the spine
This is where I want to be
Where the rivers meet

Between these endless walls and corridors
Beneath the white lights and it`s grey skies
There is a love that only comes with death
Your biggest fear, your biggest treasure

A place of suspended subtle bodies
Track Name: Pilgrim
I walked a long way
Endless changing tides and highways
I almost disappeared

The pilgrim in search
Never grounded in the moment
His target is nowhere to be found

I walk slow
Towards you
My love
With my broken heart in hands
I ask please wait

I walked a long way
With so many lives and faces
I almost disappeared

I lived their lives
Their altars, my empty spaces
I`m never to be seen again

The pilgrim than dives
Into the abyss of his fate
A journey to the center

With my broken heart in hands
I ask please wait

I walk slow
Towards you
My love
With your broken heart in hands
Dive with me
Track Name: Nude Portrait
From the twilight of your navel
White forest where flowers
Bloom in romantic grooves of fire

This room, a vessel of underworld beauty
Death red glimmering walls
Soft tourniquet waist

We whisper melted stars
I paint the walls blood red
I`ll carry your portrait
In my deathbed tonight

Breast beds of hueing white sharks
Tight silvery lust bites
Colors dripping all over the floor

Uh, that`s something only you do
Ah, brushstrokes paint the night away

I choose this framework darling
You can`t deny me this last wish
Track Name: Sparks
Shades and rain clouds come to watch her dance
It`s late at night, I quietly watch her move

But days pass
Nights fall
She keeps on spinning

She is the light on the earth
Sparks and fireflies lust
Darkness comes near her in love
Sparks and fireflies lust

I slowly walk towards her, she invites me in
We merge in neon night darkness, palms and lips in frenzy

But days pass
Nights fall
We keep on spinning

We live all these tales at once
But they will never live us
Track Name: Rosebud
All this years with closed eyes
Your scent brought me to life
Black forest searching, caves and dawns
An image in the heart

The owl lands, the night shies
A long way home

Love lies in the rosebud
A long way home

Let me stay this time

Raging deserts, days and nights
Teardrops in pine tree skies
I somehow knew that hours of flight
Would take me back to you love
Track Name: The Morning After The Snowstorm
The morning after the snowstorm
I was carrying a loaded star
Walked across the front yard quietly
By the sleeping horses

The sun was dissipating
The solidity of the fog
And I was painting her portrait
As I walked by

Melted snowflakes she was
The morning I had her
Melted snowflakes she was
That morning of…

Winter shivers
Longing union
Melted rivers
Changing seasons

The morning after the snowstorm
I was carrying a loaded heart
Like a vessel of forest fire
Under inner skies

Blue ocean wind chills protect us
From innocence
As the winter was blowing
The shivering candles
And I walked by…
Track Name: The Roar
Wearing black and white
With stains of gold, through the door she goes
He runs, in black tie fast
Begging her love

Under feline spell we meet
Woken by those tiny eyes on fire in the night sky

Wandering corridors
With French hat she waits all night
It`s day, with bright light charm
She`s the sun

Woke up in the middle of life
Hear the roar
Track Name: The Bark
We were able than to love
We heard the bark

We were taller than rocks and trees
Descent into the woods
We went deeper than the unknown
We danced on mud banks

Tree barks
Basement lovers

Over pale dry seeds we lie
We bake them in disguise
Till the time comes

We are able now to love
We heard the bark

We are able to love
Track Name: The Seduction Of Sulfur
Her back a million stars
Lighting up the darkness
I see her, she sees nothing

I wait
I`m taken baby

Guide me angel
Licking waters will save us

While cooking all the waste
A million years dissolving
As we ride on black horses
The seduction of sulfur

Underworld torches – we burn
Underworld scorches – we learn
Sulfuric bliss

Tonight we burn underworld torches
Scandalous sulfuric breathing
Track Name: IPA Nights
Everywhere I look I only see you
Our bodies drop, sweating arm locks

Every word I hear, only your name remains
Blond golden locks, bitter malt hops

At night we change
Grapefruit pine bouquet

We kiss and all the whales lament
Sweet longing
Sun and moon conjunction
Broken glass
Track Name: Hollow
Days will come and nights will follow
But a night like this can make you hollow for all your life
As white light stings and crystal rings
Days will come and nights will follow through all your life

I`m singing this eye to eye
I`m whispering mouth to mouth
I`m spending the night alone
I`m waiting for you at home
Track Name: White Earth
White earth deep in the night sky
Cooling waters, silver sparkling

She rides dolphins, jasmine flowers adorns her hair
Sunlit brightness in the cold night
Moon madness

Moon love
White earth queen
Silver springs
Moon light
Tonight – tonight baby

As the water overflows, her naked body glows
From glacial depth I return
Bow and arrow, she shoots me
Snow white wolves shred my flesh
White earth ritual – incantation

As the water embrace us
Everything changes – we stay
Track Name: They`re Dreaming Us
They`re talking about us
And how things should be
They`re talking about us
And how people never learn
But they don`t know that we`re dancing

They`re talking about me
And how I never change
They`re talking about you
And how you never grow
But they don`t know that we`re singing

They`re dreaming us all the time
Both day and night

They`re talking about them
And all of their deeds
They keep on talking talking
But they don`t know that we`re making love